Volunteers & Experience Roles

Every week we are contacted by people who are interested in volunteering for experience for a whole host of different reasons.

School pupils wanting work experience, college pupils looking for experience in their potential chosen career, University students and potential University students looking for roles to expand their knowledge in their chosen career or indeed people who need more experience in their chosen career before embarking on a University course.

It’s often difficult to be able to arrange work shadowing with professionals such as Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists.  However, we do have some options available for those wishing to gain experience working in this environment. We are keen to support people into this field of work and ensure that education and our message about high quality rehabilitation is continued.

The most popular opportunities we have are volunteering at our hydrotherapy sessions and with the exercise groups that we run, such as the Different Strokes group. We find that offering placements to students also helps our professionals maintain high levels of teaching and clinical skills.

Please feel free to contact David and he will be happy to let you know what opportunities we have available.