Upper Limb Robotics


The hand is a vital tool for every day life and the dexterity that it gives is difficult to repeat regularly during rehabilitation away from hands on sessions. Rehabilitation of the hand benefits greatly from repetitive movements. Gloreha is a flexible device for therapists and clients to use during rehabilitation.

Gloreha is an active glove which takes the fingers and thumb through a range of movements. The exercise is enriched by sensory stimulation and 3D animation on the screen to amplify the effects. There is also effects on prorioception as this device assists the client to “reconnect” his body-mind to the movements and therefore increases body awareness.

Gloreha can help

– Maintain and improve finger range of motion

– Prevent adhesions, contractures and damage caused by prolonged immobilisation

– Reduce pain, oedema and hypertonia

– Stimulate proprioception

– Improve blood and lymphatic circulation

– Maintaining body awareness

– Improving coordination, dexterity and assisting function independence

– Increasing grip and pinch strength

– Improving visual-spatial exploration and attention abilities

Gloreha can be used with clients with hand paresis and plegia after injuries to the central or peripheral nervous systems as well as clients following hand surgery, pain conditions and other conditions affecting hand movement and sensation.