Testimonials & Recognition

Our success is measured through our patients. Every time our patients achieve another step along the way it gives us great satisfaction.

We receive emails and feedback from our patients and believe this helps us with direction and gives us immense job satisfaction. Comments like the ones below are the reason we go to work in the morning!

….. Testimonial / Reference
As a person and an athlete, Zeynep was perfectly placed to help our daughter, E, with some of the psychological blocks she was experiencing with swimming. Zeynep’s positive caring style immediately put E at ease and has helped to re-build her self-esteem and self-belief – in swimming and beyond. Having swum competitively to an international level, Zeynep was able to talk from experience about the highs and lows of competitive sport, an empathy and understanding which was really important to E.

As parents we wanted E to succeed in swimming but more importantly we wanted her to get the enjoyment back. Through parental sessions, Zeynep gave us invaluable tips and strategies for supporting E in her training and on race day which have certainly reduced the swimming stress and are even working in non-swimming scenarios.
As a family we are indebted to Zeynep – she has made our household much calmer, E a much happier swimmer and, as a direct result, the PB’s are returning!
HM and IM …..



Letter from KD Comp 19072017 edit


AC 11072017 Dr Singh blanked

…….Hello Anna

I hope you and the family are well.

I can’t believe it was 7 yrs when I first came across to see you for the 1st time with Rebecca and Louise. I’ve been regularly ungoing treatment from yourselves over that time and I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference it makes to my life.

You now have some great members of staff working for you. James, Shruti, Rebecca, Vic and I can’t imagine how different my quality of life would be without all the input of all these fantastic people.

Kindest regards Darren ……..

……..Comment from Mr P treated by Angie at AVPC – “Wanted to say thank you all for what had been a very pleasant and successful association. “……..

……A*, H and myself would like to thank you all for helping get reports ready for the forthcoming Continuing Healthcare Meeting.

We really would like you all to know how fantastic we think A’s therapy is and how grateful we are for your help in getting her where she is now. I cannot imagine where she would be being left to the NHS – it doesn’t bare thinking about.

Warmest regards, B H and A……

……She is doing great with using her hand , fingers, and arm, the surgeon at Leeds was impressed with her range of movement. We found that after *******’s physio, she discovered her hand and she hasn’t stopped, she just keeps on developing with it……


……Your attitude with clients really inspires and motivates them to do well!……


……Anna, Thank you for the hard work you put into massaging my right shoulder when I saw you at the Centre when we saw you the other week. You made a big difference to the working of my shoulder. I have just swam 20 lengths none stop. Since my last stroke, approximately 3 months ago, I have only been able to swim 12/14 lengths only. I was unable to walk about 40 yards before relying on a stick. But I learned to swim at the age of 40. Thank God! I have been swimming ever since. Thank you for your encouragement to continue as a human being. Steve……


……After Joanne returned back home we received this email. Well what a return to Essex…!! After a string of empty promises telling my boys that Mummy would return from various appointments /hospital stays walking, I walked through my front door to greet them on my feet! Little Luke couldn’t believe his eyes & keeps asking “are you really walking?” So thank you so much for all your efforts to get so far! I have promised my friend to join her on next years Race for Life so I’m now officially in training! So need all the help I can get to walk properly & without frames! Off to bed as this walking business & exercise is knackering!!  Many Thanks!…..


……Eric recently contacted us for help with his memory – our occupational therapists worked with him and for the last few months, he’s managed his full shopping lists and not missed an appointment……


……My therapist, Anna is brilliant at what she does, but is also really friendly and has helped me in so many ways throughout my rehabilitation. She is very knowledgeable in her field and always has alternative treatments to get the best results. Without Anna I would be a lot worse off. Andrew…..


…..As a patient I feel blessed to have such knowledgeable, enthusiastic, caring and loving therapists. As Margaret you are all lovely friends. Thank you. Margaret…..


……Well I have to say, the last week has been full of moments that were previously taken for granted but are now appreciated. I have just put my cups, glasses & crockery back up from their demoted place in my kitchen base units to my eye-level units! I have picked up a 5p piece from the floor with my right hand! I have reached & cleaned on top of door frames & removed ceiling cobwebs! I have bumped my head on a ceiling light in my porch! I think I may have shed half a stone achieving all these moments in my monster weekend spring clean!! Woo hoo…. Life is starting to return to normal with just another level of appreciation! Thank you! Will let you know how I get on on Thursday at Neurology hospital….. Anon……


…….. More Rehab has literally transformed my life! After NHS Physio’s and consultants has resigned me to my wheelchair for the rest of my day’s, Anna assessed me, then gave me hope again. After 3 days I was standing and the story just progresses from there. More Rehab are so focused & determined to get the best out of their patients. They have the drive to personalise their treatment, thinking out-of-the-box when needed to get the best solutions. After 4 years of various physio’s I can’t tell you how professional, experienced & friendly the team are. Thank you! I am a Mum again!.. Jo……


….Excellent, fitting in emergency appointments, giving a very thorough and well explained assessment and treatment and ensuring I had the right equipment I needed. A fantastic treatment overall, and they will be first on my list of people to call the next time I hurt myself. Ceri….

A letter from one of our patients…..


Stelios Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs in the UK 2014

After recently being nominated we feel extremely privileged, and excited that Anna has not only been short listed, but also made it through to the final 3 of the Leonard Cheshire Disability Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs in the UK. I’m sure you’ll all be keeping your fingers crossed and offering your support to Anna.

In 2007, Leonard Cheshire Disability and Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou decided to team up in to create the Stelios Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs in the UK.

This unique and prestigious award is sponsored by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the renowned entrepreneur best known for founding easyJet. The winner receives £50,000 to expand their business.

The creation of the award was motivated by Stelios’s goal of not only supporting disabled entrepreneurs, but also raising awareness of the skills and inventiveness of those with disabilities

As Sir Stelios put it himself on the launch of the award: ‘I am very passionate about encouraging an enterprising spirit throughout British culture. Helping to remove the barriers that disabled people face in business is an important part of this. That is why I was keen to establish an award which gives disabled people an opportunity to showcase their ability rather than have them negatively judged by their disability. I look forward to seeing the best of the entries and choosing the eventual winners.’

Leonard Cheshire Disability agrees: ‘Disabled people in business experience disadvantage and discrimination everyday, largely through ignorance – this must change.

‘Leonard Cheshire Disability leads the way in enabling disabled people to succeed in business and in employment, and campaigns to challenge people to change the way they see disability. Our partnership with Sir Stelios is helping the charity highlight the barriers disabled people face in the workplace and recognise the outstanding achievements of disabled entrepreneurs.’

Managing director Anna Wilkinson has 70% hearing loss. After 20 years of been told ‘it’s as good as it’ll get’ a consultant empowered her that there is something that can be done. After a lot of hard work and a multitude of developing new techniques she found ways to overcome the challenges of this ‘un-seen’ disability. This is the passion and drive that Anna takes forward and is embraced through the More Rehab services.

If successful, Anna would use the £50,000 prize to expand her office team and provide new rehabilitation equipment, therapy techniques and educational services to patients, future patients and other professionals. She would be able to extend the area of her services, setting up new clinical locations further north and south of Sheffield, making these specialised services more accessible to people who need them.