Speech & Language Therapists

Our team of therapists have been specially selected due to their expertise in their chosen field. All of our therapists are registered with the Health Professions Council as well as their own governing bodies. Our therapists undergo regular training and continuing professional development.

Speech Therapists

Speech therapy is the rehabilitative treatment of physical and / or cognitive deficits resulting in difficulty with verbal and receptive communication. This includes both speech and language aspects. Depending on the nature and severity of the disorder, common treatments may range from physical strengthening exercises, instructive or repetitive practice and drilling, to the use of audio-visual aids.

Speech therapists also provide services for individuals with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties).


Becky McWatt qualified as a Speech & Language Therapist from the University of Sheffield in 2000 and has enjoyed working with a range of populations and conditions throughout her career. Initially working with both children and adults, she has focused the last 15 years on the treatment of communication and swallowing disorders in adults, particularly in the field of neurological impairment. She has extensive experience in working with stroke and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, supporting individuals in recovering and rediscovering their communication skills following injury, and helping people return to eating and drinking when their swallow mechanism has been damaged. Becky enjoys working with individuals in environments that best bring out their skills and motivations, whether that be in a person’s own home, a clinic setting or in the community. She looks for opportunities to provide support and education not just to individuals experiencing injury, but also to those providing them with support and care. She has also worked within specialist palliative care and end of life services. Becky loves that her work brings her into contact with the diversity, creativity and resourcefulness of others, and takes inspiration from clients and families she works with in their journey of recovery. She is a registered member of HCPC, RCSLT and ASLTIP (Association of Speech & Language Therapists in Independent Practice).

In her spare time she enjoys walking and running with her dog, exploring the outdoors, taking campervan holidays, and is a member of Barnsley Blackhearts Roller Derby Club where she falls over. A lot.

Rachel Widdows – MMediSci, RCSLT, MHPC

My interest in speech and language began as a result of studying modern languages at Durham University. As part of that course I spent a year aborad trying to communicate in different languages. I realised that people with communication difficulties must experience a similar sense of frustration when they are unable to express themselves. I therefore trained to become a Speech and Language Therapist and now work in a series of settings (NHS and private) helping both children and adults to reach their communicative potential.