RehaMove – FES Bike

RehaMove FES bike.

Our bike in clinic has the upper limb attachment. We have a number of therapists who are fully trained to give assessments on the bike, as well as advise on using the bike, and setting up programs so you can monitor your progress on the bike.

FES Cycling is an effective way of keeping fit when, following a spinal cord injury, stroke, MS or other neurological problems, regular exercise can be difficult to get. The bike can be used to maintain health & well being as well as part of a rehabilitation programme.

This FES technology uses precise electrical stimulation to actively exercise the muscles of paralysed limbs improving circulation, easing spasms and much more. This is vital for long-term health.

The order and strength of the muscle contractions are controlled by a computerised stimulator – generating the power to pedal a motorised cycle – known as an FES Bike. The aim is to actively work the muscles – building muscle bulk, strength and improving fitness and circulation benefits. Effectively reversing many of the detrimental effects on fitness of the conditions that we treat.

Key benefits of a RehaMove FES Cycling are as follows (Proven in research studies since the 1980’s)

  • Cardio-pulmonary fitness gains
  • Rebuild muscle strength and bulk
  • Improve bone density – stronger bones
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve intestinal & bladder function
  • Improve response to insulin (diabetes)
  • Decrease limb spasticity and spasms
  • Improved feelings of well-being

The FES Bike we have in our clinic builds on past research and combines a sophisticated system of delivering stimulation to muscles with a motorised ergometer (cycle). The stimulation unit included as part of a RehaMove system is a flexible and powerful system that can coordinate the stimulation of up to 8 muscle groups with the movement of the pedals of the cycle.

By adjusting the stimulation, the user can easily set exercise targets to work progressively against resistance. Individuals gain important health benefits through regular use. Research evidence shows that using an FES Cycle is a very effective way of improving health following a spinal cord injury, stroke or with MS.

We also offer passive and assisted cycling without the stimulation aspect.

Although the system has now been greatly updated, please feel free to watch the short video below.