Rehab Assistants

One of the fastest growing services in popularity that we provide is that of our rehab assistants. Our team of hand picked assistants utilise their  time working towards our clients individual goals under the supervision of the clients therapists as part of a multi-disciplined team.

We have a range of rehab assistants with a multitude of skills.

Whether your clients goals be house work or gardening, training in the gym to regain fitness and mobility or going shopping, out socialising or even on holiday we have rehab assistants that will fit in with your needs schedule to work on to achieve your goals.

Our rehab assistants include individuals with skills like personal training, we have a ex international swimmer, someone who spent 2 decades as a nurse training and supporting students. We have rehab assistants who are qualified to a degree level in psychology, not to mention our juggling, fire breathing, magic performing circus trained skate boarding/ snowboarding/ mountain biking instructor. Really we truly believe we have all bases and personalities covered to meet our clients needs.

If you wish to make any enquiries or chat to anyone regarding the assistance and services we can offer, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sheffield office.

Paul ‘Mini’ Mansell – 

Profile Pic Mini 150 croppedThe origin of the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is actually fairly recent. The phrase is attributed to a 1944 edition of the African journal American Speech: “You can’t judge a book by its binding.” It was made even more popular when it appeared in the 1946 murder mystery Murder in the Glass Room by Lester Fuller and Edwin Rolfe: “You can never tell a book by its cover.”

We think this applies to Mini – who has a real bag of skills under his “cover”.

Full of adventure and with a love for anything outdoor related Mini is a popular member of our team who loves to help people get out and about again and encourages clients to ‘get their life back’. He’ll work tirelessly to find a way to work alongside clients various disabilities to allow them to accomplish their goals. Recently projects have included helping clients build and maintain vegetable gardens, as well as a more adventurous client who wanted taking on Skateboard ramps in his wheelchair.

Paul ‘Mini’ Mansell is one of our longest serving Rehab Assistants, and he comes with a variety of skills. As well as having a background in engineering, he’s circus trained, juggles fire, rides unicycles, and stilt walks. He teaches magic tricks to children with special needs, then come the winter months can be found in the alps teaching adults and children alike to snowboard. During his free time when not doing any of the above, he’s also a qualified mountain biking instructor, did I mention he was once a sponsored skateboarder as well?

Debbie Hardie


Hello, my name is Debs Hardie. I am a retired General Nurse and Lecturer in Health and Social Care. My nursing background includes care of orthopaedic, neurosurgical, older people and neuro-rehabilitation patients. More recently I have taught and supported students in health and social care practice whilst I was employed by a University.

I would like to support you in your recovery. I love to meet people, walk with my dog and the family, garden, dance, golf, cook and read. I’m an organised and patient person who is reliable, even tempered and caring. I’m passionate about the principles of good practice and will endeavour to ensure that you are supported with equity and  respect whilst you strive for autonomy and choice in your daily life.

Zeynep Atha – Trainee Sports Psychologist

Zeynep Profile PictureZeynep is particularly skilled in supporting clients back to activities with her combination of psychology and sports experience. She enjoys working both in the pool and on ‘dry land’ with various activities for return to function and vocation.

Zeynep represented Turkey at various international swimming events and swam for Galatasaray for 11 years. After successfully completing high school, Zeynep completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Commerce University; Istanbul, after having been awarded a 50% scholarship due to her swimming career excellence.

Zeynep assisted former Canadian Olympic Coach Nick Baker at swim practices and attended motivational classes during her stay in Orlando/USA. After spending a year working as an assistant sports and intern psychologist for children and adolescents, she completed her master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University in 2015.

Whilst she’s been in Sheffield, Zeynep provided sports psychology workshops in motivation, setting goals, anxiety, and self-awareness as well as others to young, adolescent swimmers at various City Elite Swimming Clubs in the UK. Recently Zeynep has been working with one of the active members of the TEAM GB Commonwealth team. After completing her Master’s Degree, she provided sports psychology support to various sports clubs and sports events on individual and group basis, as well as seminars for parents and coaches in Turkey.


Keep your eyes peeling, because shortly we will be loading the profiles of more of our fantastic Rehab Assistants……….