Newsletter – Older Peoples Day – 1st October

To support the International Older Peoples Day 1st October More Rehab’s October newsletter will be dedicated to ageing and adding life to years.
Due to increasing survival rates, the general population is increasingly older. Whilst 60 is no longer considered ‘old’, movement and mobility is often harder to maintain once people reach their 60’s. In older age, mobility is key to maintaining independence and quality of life. The population of older adults has an increased numbers of long term conditions alongside deteriorations in mobility, co-ordination, strength and balance. Keeping active also reduces the risk of secondary health complications.
Physical activity is key; this doesn’t mean hard exercise. Physiotherapists can help with setting realistic targets to exercise and keep you active and your quality of life good. Physiotherapists can work to improve simple everyday tasks such as getting out of a chair, reaching for items in the cupboard, walking outside as well as more active tasks such as maintaining your ability to walk longer distances, keeping involved in sports or generally getting out and about.
Confidence plays a big part in keeping active. If you or someone you know is worried about falling, slipping or having problems with memory in domestic tasks such leaving a pan on and forgetting about it, they are more likely to reduce their activities to avoid it happening. So building confidence is key.
Occupational Therapy can help with maintaining important activities for individuals, whatever they may be. Occupational Therapists can help analyse cognitive (such as memory, attentions and concentration) and physical aspects that are stop people completing tasks. With this information, they can devise a rehabilitation programme to help return to confidence with achieving tasks. Both physiotherapists and occupational therapists can help with adaptations and equipment which might be needed to aid task completion.
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have put together 6 exercises for staying steady. These are simple exercises that can help improve coordination and balance.

In honour of Older Peoples Day, More Rehab are running an offer throughout October at all our clinics – an hours assessment for all new clients with a physiotherapist or occupational therapist for the discounted rate of £60 – To qualify for this offer you must be over the age of 60.
Case Study – We last saw Rose a few years ago after a fall and a stroke had left her unable to walk. After physiotherapy we discharged her once she was back on her feet. Rose called us a couple of months ago as she was starting to feel ‘wobbly’ and she wasn’t able to get to her garage to use her mobility scooter, she had also lost confidence standing in the kitchen and was now unable to prepare her own food, therefore relying on ready meals and eating them perched in the kitchen as she couldn’t carry her food to the table. She had an assessment with an occupational therapist who recommended a few kitchen aids to help make her life a little easier in the kitchen. Her favourite new addition to her kitchen is her slow cooker! The occupational therapist also worked with her to get a local contractor to install a handrail on the path to her garage so she was more confident to get out and about. She underwent a programme of exercises and rehabilitation with a physiotherapist and as a result, reduced her risk of falling and enabled her to be more confident in doing the tasks she loved again.
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