Massage Therapist now available!

More Rehab are delighted to announce that we now have a dedicated massage therapist that has come to work alongside us.


Massage Jo

Joanne is an holistic massage therapist, she can work with you individually
or alongside your physiotherapist to address specific needs as required.
What is Holistic Massage?
Holistic massage considers the individual as a whole and aims to restore
balance within the body. This approach aims to work with the client
through principles of sensitivity, awareness, quality of touch and
knowledge in order to reduce your daily stress, anxieties and fatigue.
Why Holistic Massage?
By focussing on the client, holistic massage has been shown to have an
impact on quality of sleep, concentration and de-stress the body.

Feel free to give us a call to see how Jo can help you – 01302 322 302

Massage therapist poster final