The Health Professions Council Register. This is where you can check to make sure we are all registered, the HPC also set out the standard guidelines,  standards of treatment as well as professional conduct.

The Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy, find out details of the rules and regulations we adhere to.

The White House Physiotherapy Clinics offer a professional physiotherapy service and sports injury clinic, along with Pilates and Yoga classes. Treatment is available in pleasantly appointed treatment rooms, furnished with up to the minute specialised mechanical and electronic equipment. The White House has 6 Clinics serving South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. More Rehab provide neurological rehabilitation for The White House.

Amber Valley, part of More Rehab specialise in disorders of the musculo-skeletal system. Physiotherapists carry out an assessment and make independent diagnosis and therefore referral from a doctor or other health professional is not required. The clinic is recognised by all major medical insurance companies.

Activ Physiotherapy is an amalgamation of two well established, popular physiotherapy practices in the south of Sheffield. The merger will provide enable Activ Physiotherapy to provide a more varied and specialised services to clients and the local community.

They now have 3 clinics which provide high quality diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for all musculoskeletal conditions. Activ Physiotherapy also provide specialist services for sports injury, acupuncture, women’s health problems (pre & post natal), pain management and workstation assessment’s for businesses.

 That Foot Shop – David Nicholls

David is a highly skilled Podiatrist registered with the Health Professionals Council (HPC). He specialises in the fields of; Biomechanics, Sports Injuries and Orthotics in which he has worked for over 10 years within both the public and private sector.

His extensive experience includes working with Physiotherapists and Orthopaedic surgeons, professional sports people, Armed services contracts and research into the prediction of biomechanical injury in army recruits and taking Medico-legal cases. He has also worked with numerous companies to develop a computerised form of biomechanical assessment.



JS Parker Ltd provides specialist clinical case management and occupational therapy services to children, young people and adults with:

brain injuries
spinal injuries
cerebral palsy
complex orthopaedic injuries
psychological, behavioural and mental health conditions

Our clients benefit from the multi disciplinary approach of our clinical team with significant experience in social care, nursing and occupational therapy as well as other therapies.

An ethos of continual improvement and development established across 20 years of practice means that we are able to provide high quality services to a growing number of clients from our regional offices in Sheffield, Manchester, Northumberland and Edinburgh.

Through experience, skill and knowledge of brain injury, spinal cord injury, cerebal palsy and orthopaedic injury, we empower individuals to adapt and develop a meaningful lifestyle after a devastating traumatic injury. As a company we use every specialised resource available to assist people disabled by traumatic injuries to maximise their potential and live a fulfilling life again. We focus on putting meaning back into living at all times.


We have a wide range of choice throughout our 8 shops and our online store, meaning that you can be sure to find the most suitable product to meet your needs. We have been perfecting our customer service since 1959, placing a high value on investing in our staff. This ensures that you will benefit from the best possible product knowledge, making sure that you get the most suitable items. Our staff members are all friendly, patient and understanding meaning that you can be certain you are getting a high level of customer service and advice.

The advice and help that we have been provided from SENTA has provided a valuable and much needed resource to help us keep focused and on track. SENTA has helped guide us through the things we need to have in place and what we can do to improve, where we can go for external help. Without this More Rehab wouldn’t have been able to expand our services to the patients out there that need us. One of the most valuable services from SENTA has been the update on workshops & courses that are available, where we can gain valuable training & coaching.

Neurocare raises money to buy high tech life saving equipment for use in the Neuro theatres of Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital. . The equipment is used on patients with conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, Epilepsy, Brain Tumours, Head Injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Strokes and dangerous sleep disorders. We also fund research project and specialist training so that people suffering from Neurological conditions can receive the best care available.

The Lewis Jeynes Fund was established to provide care and support to children who have undiagnosed neurologically degenerative conditions. Lewis Jeynes and his friends around the UK all suffer from these acute and undiagnosed life limiting or terminal conditions and very often specialist equipment and care is difficult to afford due to the changed circumstances.

Different Strokes is a registered charity providing a unique, free service to younger stroke survivors throughout the United Kingdom. Our services and the number of stroke survivors benefiting from them have grown dramatically since we were formed in 1996. We are run by stroke survivors for stroke survivors, for active self help and mutual support.

Different Strokes helps stroke survivors of working age to optimise their recovery, take control of their own lives and regain as much independence as possible by offering ‘rehabilitative services’, information and advice.

Ariya Neurocare

Ariya Neurocare – Clifton Court is a seven person transitional and residential service for individuals with an acquired brain injury (ABI). Comprised of high quality individual apartments with accessible kitchens, the service can support a spectrum of physical and cognitive needs. The service is designed to support you to continue your rehabilitation and goals in an active, friendly and comfortable community setting.

The service has clinical neuro-psychology overview, neuro-occupational therapy, neuro-physiotherapy and neuro-speech and language therapy as required.


Horizon offer superior care and assistance in their purpose-built, beautifully appointed care centres. It’s a family business based in South Yorkshire that pride theirselves on the fact that all of our properties have been creatively designed by our expert team to provide varied environments for our clients and their circle of support to enjoy.

It is important to point out that the staff at Horizon are the cornerstone of the organisation. The managers and teams are well-trained and are experienced in caring for our clients with dignity and respect at all times.