Walking Robotics




What is Indego Therapy?

Indego Therapy consists of three powered lower limb orthoses, also known as powered exoskeletons, which enable therapists to offer task specific and intensive gait therapy. Power is provided by sophisticated motors in the knee and hip joints, and combined with advanced sensors and control strategies, the device allows gait impaired individuals to stand and walk again.


Who is Indego Therapy for?

Indego is used in rehabilitation centers as a therapy tool to offer over-ground gait training on various surfaces. Therapists appreciate the ease of use that Indego provides, allowing for fast setup time and ef cient therapy sessions. As a therapeutic device, Indego enables clinicians to conduct over-ground and task-specific gait training, thus achieving more steps per session with less physical exertion on the part of the therapist.

What makes Indego unique?

Indego offers an unmatched set of features intended to facilitate usability and independent operation:

  • Variable Assist Functionality – Indego has a variable assist function which allows therapists to adjust the support provided by the device. This “assist-as-needed” function is key in gait rehabilitation.
  • Modular Design – Indego can be donned and doffed quickly because of its vecomponent design, self-aligning connections, and single hand adjustment system. The modularity allows components of different sizes to be assembled to accommodate all body types.
  • Lightweight – At just 26 lb (12 kg), Indego is light, easy to handle, allows for rapid set-up, and easy transportion. It has no backpack or upper body components and can be worn while seated in a standard wheelchair.


User Quotes:

With Indego, I have options. I still use my wheelchair when traveling long distances, but can now get up and walk around whenever I’d like.

—FDA Trial Participant, T12 Injury Level

With Indego, it is amazing to be able to have conversations at eye level again.

—FDA Trial Participant, T7 Injury Level

Indego is a therapy tool that allows me to gait train my patients like never before.

It’s  powerful and easy to use.

—Casey Kandilakis, PT, DPT, NCS, Shepherd Center, Atlanta, Georgia