Core Stability & Balance Classes

The rehabilitation group will be the optimization of the physical ability of people living with a neurological condition and to minimization of the risk of secondary complications such as falls, fractures and heart disease. In particular, this program is developed to address several domains such as mobility and muscle strength of the upper and lower limb, ability to use the weaker side in daily activities, bone health, life satisfaction and depression.

The core of the rehabilitation program is developed according to the evidence- based and functional FAME (Pang et al, 2015) and GRASP exercises (Harris et al, 2009) which can be used in hospital, out-patient and community settings. The exercise program will include warm-up exercises, followed by a second component of stretching exercises, and a third component of functional strengthening exercises and balance exercises. The clinician could assist the participants during the exercises however he should encourage them to be as active as possible.

Each session lasts 90 minutes – 60 minutes of exercises and 30 minutes after the group for talks and social interaction.