Assessments (Accommodation, Equipment & Aids)

Accommodation assessments

Living with physical or cognitive disabilities can mean that adaptations to the home can make a profound difference to the level of independence a client has. Changes to accommodation can mean the difference between someone needing significant help, little help or no help to be able to complete a task. Our skilled therapists can assess your accommodation or new or plans to assist with planning for the future. Changes to accommodation may be small or large structural changes which therapists can help to ease that transition and make suggestions to facilitate improving quality of life. We have worked with many clients, builders and architects in the past which gives us a great base of ideas to input into your team.

Aids and equipment assessments

The right aids and equipment can make a huge difference to clients with physical and cognitive disabilities. Provision of the most appropriate aids can be the difference between requiring a lot of help or little or no help to be able to complete a task. Our team can help assess and evaluate which aids and equipment would be most appropriate to assist each client with their needs. Where necessary, we can work to budgets to evaluate which equipment will best fit a particular budget.